Attendance at Your Inspection:​ ......Please try to attend the inspection for the last 30-45 minutes to review the inspection results.  NOTE - It is preferred that clients do not attend the property for the entire inspection, but plan to meet at the end for review.  Texas (TREC) does not provide for any authorization for Home Inspectors to allow persons to enter a property being inspected.  It is a common practice in the real estate industry to meet at the end of the inspection.  Listing Agent(s), if applicable, are also notified of the inspection schedule.  In addition, if you wish to visit the property for the entire inspection time, please make arrangements with your Agent/Realtor to be present, or provide written permission (email/text is ok) from the homeowner.  If you cannot attend for review, a phone consultation time can be scheduled to review the report information.   NOTE - Only the client(s) and the agent are expected to arrive for the inspection review.  Please make arrangements for children, family members, or other parties to view the property with your Agent/Realtor. House Inspection Services is not responsible for the actions, or any damage caused by other person(s).​

Remember:......ALL Texas Real Estate Commission licensed inspectors are required to report by the same guidelines.  These guidelines are the TREC Standards of Practice, which can be read in full here. Sections 535.227 through 535.233 are specific to the minimum inspection requirements.  State licensed inspectors do not disassemble equipment beyond access panels designed to be opened, and do not perform invasive damage to the property.  In addition, any state licensed inspector may adjust the inspection based on safety and accessibility as per the State of Texas guidelines.  

The Difference:......Is how the information is presented in the report and to the customer.  House Inspection Services takes the time to clearly explain all findings in concise, straight forward, and easy to understand reports.  In addition, the time is taken to prepare and review the report onsite whenever possible.  All reports are completed the same day, and emailed to the client.

WDI Report?......Usually called the "termite report".  This is a visual, non-invasive inspection for wood destroying insects per the Texas Department of Agriculture (Structural Pest Control Service).  *NOTE - Only about 1 in every 5 licensed home inspector is qualified to provide this report.  House Inspection Services is pleased to provide this service.

The Uncomfortable Subject of Money……House Inspection Services is glad to accept most major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AMEX).  Credit card payment is available online through your schedule confirmation email, or onsite at time of inspection.  NOTE- House Inspection Services does not accept checks.  Payment before the report will be released to the client.

Got Utilities?......Please ensure that all utilities are on for the property, and that all pilot lights are lit.  If utilities are not active, this may cause portions of the property to be excluded from the inspection report, or for the inspection to be rescheduled for a later time.

Got Access?......An inspection may not include items that cannot be fully accessed.  Excessive storage or occupancy may hinder portions of the inspection.  A reasonable effort will be made to inspect all areas of the property with consideration for safety and protection of personal property.  Per TREC:  "An inspection addresses only those components and conditions that are present, visible, and accessible at the time of the inspection"....."The inspector is not required to move furnishings or stored items".

How Long?……Inspection times vary based on many factors.  Square footage, age, condition of the home, foundation type, occupancy, and weather can all affect how long the inspection will take.  An estimated time can be provided when your inspection is scheduled.  However, this may not always be accurate, and unexpected delays are always possible.  House Inspection Services will make every reasonable effort to provide a thorough and professional inspection based on the conditions at the time of the inspection.

Information is Power……..The home inspection process is designed to give the client a detailed overview of the condition and performance of the property.  This includes positive information, not just negative information.  Also, recommendations may be made in the report for the client to act upon by contacting a licensed and/or qualified  professional for a specific system or component.

Pictures = a Thousand Words……Digital pictures are included in the inspection report.